Comprehensive IT Solutions

Hardware and Software Solutions from Leading Brands

We specializes in offering hardware and software solutions from renowned brands. They collaborate with leading companies such as HP, Microsoft, VMWare, Bomgar, Veeam, Symantec, Intel, and others to deliver high-profile products. Whether it’s top-of-the-line hardware or cutting-edge software, Gulf Business Center ensures that their clients have access to reliable and innovative solutions for their IT requirements. With their extensive range of services, Gulf Business Center stands as a trusted partner in fulfilling the IT needs of businesses in Doha, Qatar.

The Services

IT Services You Need


Our technical expertise in cyber security designs unique and robust security systems to strengthen your institution’s security posture in today’s high-threat environment.

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Network Administration

We provide expert network implementation and management services to optimize your network’s performance and ensure seamless connectivity with our IT services.

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Our Infrastructure services encompass data center design, server installation, and data backup for enterprise applications, with state-of-the-art technology and expert solutions.

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Collaborative Software

With our proficiency in solution development, we offer extensive assistance in creating, implementing, transferring, and maintaining Directory, Messaging & Collaboration systems to meet evolving business demands.

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Enterprise Monitoring Systems

Our intelligent Enterprise Monitoring Systems, developed in partnership with leading providers, offer end-to-end installation and monitoring of your hardware and software systems for seamless performance.

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Data Center &
UPS Solutions

Our advanced Data Center & UPS Solutions cater to various industries and ICT scenarios. Our solutions simplify facility deployment, increase energy efficiency, and enable ICT networks to evolve smoothly.

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Our expert team designs cutting-edge Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud solutions tailored to your specific needs, in partnership with industry-leading vendors.

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Voice & Video Services

Effective communication is a mandatory need for every organization, and we offer end-to-end enterprise solutions for voice, video, and IM to meet your communication needs within your budget.

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